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Trinity Pregnancy Resource Center (TPRC) was founded in 2010 from its earliest days, the center has sought to engage faithful men and women in promoting life-affirming decisions. That engagement has taken many forms. Our mission has crystallized into establishing a pregnancy center that better equips and empowers women to make life-affirming decisions in response to an unplanned pregnancy.   As pro abundant life people, we embrace Christ, marriage, fatherhood, and work to empower women and men to make courageous, life-affirming choices.  Nationally pregnancy centers save lives every single day. During the last eight years,  us and our partners have saved more than 531,977 unborn lives through this life-affirming work.  Even if the legal status of abortion changes, there will always be a need for faithful men and women to support those facing pregnancy decisions. No court can outlaw unplanned pregnancy. You can be part of the long-term solution to abortion, starting now, by supporting Trinity Pregnancy Resource Center!

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